RULES and information

Safety is of the utmost importance to us. The rules that follow have been designed to keep our participants, volunteers, and spectators safe at all times. Respect for the environment and the privacy and property of people who live along the race route round out these rules. Everyone will be expected to take each of them seriously and to display courtesy, good taste and sportsmanship at all times. Leave no footprint behind; carry all trash and recyclables with you and dispose of appropriately.
Click here to download Runner Waiver Form

Pre-Race Check-In

ALL ULTRA Runners must check in at the pre-race check-in.   
Pre-Race Check-In is Friday, January 18, 2019, from 3pm-7pm at the:
28139 Paseo Dr, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543


2740 Cypress Ridge Blvd
Wesley Chapel, Florida
USA 33544
Tel: +1-813-973-2288

Start Times - jANUARY 20, 2019

100 Mile will start at 7am (daylight start)
100 Furlong (Day) will start at 10am (daylight start)
100 Furlong (Night) will start at 7pm (night start)

Pacers / Crew

Pacers and/or Crew members are welcome on the course for all races / distances.  Anyone (pacers, crew, spotters, whatever you call them, etc.) on the course must sign a waiver.  You will need to sign a waiver if you are outside of the spectator areas surrounding The Start / Finish (AID1) and Aid Station 2. If you are planning on having anyone assisting you on the course (outside the spectator area) please bring a completed waiver form to Check-In.  Blank Waiver forms will be available at the Pre-Race Check In.  We will NOT accept completed forms on race day.  Please help us out and bring completed forms for anyone that may be assisting you to the Check-In, there is no fee or limit.

Once the race has begun all Runners MUST:

(1) Have race number on the front of the body, visible at all times during the race.

(2) Progress under their own power without any type of physical assistance. Runners may not use walking sticks, ski poles, or the like.

(3) Have a reliable handheld or head mounted light for running at dark.

(4) Cypress Creek Preserve is a wildlife preserve that contains wild animals that can cause serious injury to humans.  Runners are likely to encounter wildlife and should not pursue any wildlife and give way to any riders on horseback during the race.

Runners may:

~carry cell phones: Racers will be permitted to carry cell phones; these should be used primarily for emergency and logistical purposes.

~wear headphones, ear-phones, i-Pods and the like: These devices can impede the ability to hear the runner’s surroundings and are, therefore, a potential safety hazard. For safety reasons, such equipment is discouraged on the course, but will not be prohibited.

Aid Stations and Drop Bags

Aid Stations / Checkpoints and will be available to runners every 5-6 miles. All Aid Stations / Checkpoints will have a minimum of ice, water, and Gatorade.

Drop bags are allowed at AS1(Start/Finish) and AS2. Please be reasonable in the size and weight of your drop bag(s).

Drop bags should be brought to the race start and placed in the drop bag area at AS1 (Start/Finish) or placed on a shuttle to be taken to AS2.  Drop bags should be labeled with the runner's name, bib number.  Please be reasonable with the size and weight of your drop bags.  Drop bags will not be sheltered from weather, and while rain is rare in Florida in January, it is possible and you can expect heavy dew overnight.  Please plan accordingly.

Cutoff Times

The 100 mile race has a cutoff time of 32 hours.
The 100 furlong races have a cutoff of 4 hours.


The weather in West Central Florida in January is generally dry and stable.  Average daytime highs are in the low 70s (F) and nightly lows are generally in the mid 50s (F).  However, it is not unusual to see high temperatures in the 80s (F) and low temperatures below freezing in the high 20s (F).  Use Wesley Chapel, FL as you look for online weather forecasts and keep in mind that the weather in the preserve is usually more extreme (both high and low) than the forecast.  Even under mild and stable conditions, overnight runners and spectators should expect a 20 - 30 (F) degree temperature change from day to night.


There is no overnight camping / parking at the preserve the night before the race. 

There are no permanent restroom facilities in the cypress creek preserve.  Portable toilets will be setup at all AID Stations.  There are no shower facilities.


There will be gas-powered golf carts to shuttle spectators and crew from Start / Finish (AID1) to the Spectator / Crew Area (AID2).  You can also walk on Pump Station Road to these locations.  Distance from Start / Finish (AID1) to the Spectator / Crew Area (AID2) is .75 miles.
Distance from AID2 to unmanned AID3 is about 1.5 miles.


Please check the map below for the best route to the start finish.  Pump Station Road (goes through the preserve) is not accessible to the public and many GPS will try to take you through the preserve only to find a locked gate.


All 100 Kilometer Official Finishers will receive this medal.

All 100 Mile Official Finishers will receive this buckle.